Mens & Ladies Sublimated Cycling Shorts

  • Product Code: SUB-230

What is sublimation?

Sublimation is a great option to make your business or team really stand out from the others.

Sublimation is a process which allows you to fully customise every inch of the garment.

The item starts out completely white before your chosen design is wrapped around the entire garment.

The print actually becomes part of the material fibers so it doesn’t sit on top of the garment like screen-printing. And because the print is applied deep to the fibers, it is very resistant to fading.

All sublimated garments are 100% polyester and you can choose between options including polo shirts, hoodies, singlets and more. Everything is available in all mens, ladies and kids sizes.

We also offer a wide variety of sublimated playing gear, whether it’s AFL guernseys, soccer tops, cycling jerseys or basketball uniforms.

We can create the designs in-house for you, and we have a number of templates available to help you decide what will and what won’t look good.

There's a minimum order of 25 for sublimated goods, delivery of your order only takes around 2-3 weeks

100% Polyester
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